Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're Sorry :(

Square-Enix is offering another free month to gamers just to say: We're Sorry.

Some people think that Square-Enix has fallen in the past few years...I know that I'm a crazed fanboy and have been since I was really young...but I tend to disagree.

NO, they haven't fallen. Its just people are too stuck up and full of themselves. So FF13 isn't like other FFs, that doesn't mean the company sucks. Same thing in this situation. Yeah, I was pissed at first that I paid for the special edition of FF14 and it was pretty much broken but (though I got it because I am a rabid fan) I haven't spent a dime on pay to play for the past few months! Which equals out my issues. And their updates have actually changed a lot, it's a lot more playable and enjoyable now than it was.

Also as a fan of Square-Enix I am more than happy the way they are treating their fans. I do not see other companies admitting they are wrong EVER!

But in regards to both FF14 and DLC: What happened to the old ways? You know making sure a game was complete before shipping it? When expansions really just meant sequels. Now gaming has just become a huge cash cow with little actual care for the gamers or complete satisfaction of the gamers involved.
It's probably why I'm becoming a retro-gamer more and more these days. Modern gaming makes me sick.


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  1. Hmmm I'm actually excited about the new online Final Fantasy coming out. It will give me a reason to buy a next gen console then again they might release it for the PC which is kewl with me as I have a very top of the line PC hehehehe...great stuff sir!