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Here is a new article series I am starting up called Eye on Japan. Here I will talk about Japanese gaming news, Old school gaming in Japan and Japanese culture (mostly as it pertains to gaming)

Its sad when a facebook app mmo is better than a main title mmo. As you all probably know by now, me being the square-cultist that I am, there have been a few struggles and disputes between me and FF14. Feeling a bit spurned I started to wonder if Square still had my back or if I would have to rely on spin off titles to keep my fan boy rage stirring. Unfortunately the later is true but there has been some great spin off titles for us rabid fans. There is the new DS spirit Sequel to FF1 called Four Heroes of Light, which may I add for old school purists is a great way to go.

After that there is a new Facebook app by Square to promote the Four Heroes game which in itself is a good stand alone game. With the feeling and art style of FF tactics you almost feel as if your visiting Ivalice all over again. Its really a "welcome home" kind of feeling. Unfortunately being a pay to play kind of game, despite its lack of fees there are plenty of times when you will have to let your character recharge action points in order to continue (meaning logging off) or will not be able to participate in a quest due to lack of premium items ect. However these aside, the multi-player battles, epic bosses and cool treasure hunting aspects are more than addictive. If your willing to stoop down low enough to play a facebook game but want to keep your dignity as to not play main stream titles like farmville (looks to Harvest moon and sheds a tear...."I'll never forget you even if the whole world does") or if you are dying for another game that feels like a part of the ivalice alliance then look no further than Knights of the Crystals.


Square News!

In other Square Enix related news the third Parasite Eve game (Third Birthday) looks to be turning out nicely. There are a few quirks for those of us who are huge Eve fans. Aya is now 39 and borderline giving a whole new feel to the term cougar. She also has many different outfits at her disposal this time, all which come with their own special skills and weapons, such as Lightning's clothes and gun-blade from FF13 and a maid outfit.... Enough time has passed plot wise that the mitochondria have taken over much of the world causing it too look like a barren wasteland much like that of Gears of War. It should prove to be interesting. If anything you should check out Square Japan's site for the game as it has awesome backgrounds to download which I am boasting right now.

Dissidia 2

Square recently announced that the next Dissidia game will include Vaan from FF12 and Tifa from FF7 as playable characters. So we get some Whiny pretty boy action and big bouncing boobs, so all can be happy.....right, at least Tifa is still wearing her old-school PS1 outfit. This of course was in addition to the announcement that they were adding Lightning from FF13 to the mix.

Other Japanese Gaming News

In other Japanese gaming news, Hironobu Sakaguchi , the father of Final Fantasy, and his team at Mist Walker are near done with their new masterpiece Last Story. Here's hoping it is interesting, though most of his target audience are ex- and still Square-enix fans who more than likely aren't too keen on the Wii and its lack of hardcore JRPGs. Maybe they will be intict to pick one up due to his marketing ploy of making a special edition Last Story Wii, which if rumor has it, will come with a soundtrack.

Last on the list of news there is a new Pokemon.....wait thats a Digimon game. Yup a new DS Digimon RPG that is set to imitate Pokemon in some ways as there will be two different types named after colors (Red and Blue). Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue will be coming out spring 2011 in Japan.

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