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It seems here lately while retro-gaming is on the up rise and people are turning to their roots for inspiration and a good time that games which were thought to have fallen through the cracks have done a 180 an turned around completely. Some of these games are so popular in fact that they have received squeals. Though I could make a list it would be long and exhausted. Therefore I would like to direct everyone's attention to an article written in the highly detailed journalistic manner of the Hardcoregaming101 crew! It about Monkey island probably the most popular and currently active retro-game turned current gen of all time.

Top 25 Game soundtracks

Top 25 Game soundtracks


This is my top twenty five video game soundtracks. In all the games I have played limiting my choices only to twenty five wasn't easy. However I have a few requirements that a game must meet to be considered on this list. First if the game is in a series then it must not be mostly a continuation of the tracks from the other games in the series with just a few new songs or remixes. If this is the case I will place the whole series as one entry. Second and lastly is the most important qualification. There must be at least three (if not more) tracks on the game whereby if someone was to mention the game out of the blue I could instantly recall these songs and know their tunes by heart. The more songs like these on a sound track the higher on the list it will be. And with these in place lets proceed to the list.

PS My friend OtakuZerosmia will be helping me out with a few of the entries. Also the songs we have chosen are the top songs just some of our favorites to set the example.

25.Deus Ex (PC and other platforms 2000)
Deus Ex is the definitive cyberpunk rpg/scifi. And for a FPS style game having this this good of a soundtrack is rare. However despite most of the songs on it being pretty original and awesome their feeling started to run together after a while. And as I recall it, like most games, the main theme makes the biggest impression.

24. Super Mario Series
Main theme NUFF SAID!

23. Street Fighter series
Since the 90s all fans of street fighter I'm sure remember well and can hum their favorite character's song at the snap of a finger. And for me that would have to be Ryu......however is it me or was the arcade systems in America set to having Ken's theme as the entry theme? It just feels like this is the series main theme weather it is or not.

Ken's theme

22. DOOM 3
HARD ROCK arranged by Trent Reznor from Nine inch nails.

21. Lost Odyssey
Nobuo Uematsu is the GOD of the soundtracks for Squares main flagship game series Final Fantasy. However he left a few years ago to work freelance. And at this time the creator of Final Fantasy also left to create his own company. And it in Lost Odyssey the two work together again. And its a beautiful thing.

20. Final fantasy 7 Crisis Core
Despite 90% of this soundtrack being remixes of the main two main themes over and over with a few retouching of staple songs from FF7 the whole sound track of Crisis Core is probably one of my favorites of all time. This is mostly due (which is the case in many games) to the emotions that accompany each certain song. And every time that song is played again the same emotion is recalled. The song below is a great display of this ability however it is the ending of the game so....
SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The whole ending of Crisis core will be revealed if you watch the video below.

19. Final fantasy 6
Final Fantasy 6 is much like other games in the Final Fantasy series. Every new Final Fantasy game that comes out has a sound track that is to die for and sells millions of copies. However its after the hype, a few years down the road, that you should ask yourself the question. "Does the soundtrack stick with me? Can I recall songs from it right now?" With me in regards to FF6 that answer is yes!

18. Xenosaga series
No only is this series deep in regards to religious referencing but also it has one of my favorite composers as the creator of its sound track. Yasunori Mitsuda! He has been responsible for the Chrono series, Xenogears and many other square Associated games. Below is what I consider the most haunting theme of the Xenosaga series.

Albedo's theme (Xenosaga I)

17. Tales of (series)/ Star ocean series
The battle between the tales series and the Star ocean series is a deep one. They both have the same roots, were based off the same novelist's story and run on the same game mechanics. But there is one major thing they share in common that stands out as much if not more than the rest of their other similarities. And that is Motoi Sakuraba is their soundtrack composure. This is both great and terrible for both series. Yes Sakuraba does an amazing job with music and has created some memorable soundtracks. However it is also true that Sakuraba's music style, direction and over all ambiance leads towards many of his songs running together till which they sound much the same to me. And due to the fact that he performs the soundtracks for both games................yeah they always sound the same.
PS. However I can't say much for the past two Tales games where they seem to have gone in a different direction soundtrack wise. But 99% of all the world maps sound the same still.

Star Ocean 2 Overworld

Tales of the Vesperia Ending theme

16. Shin megami tensei 3
Amidst the haunting fallout from Armageddon the ani-christ and demons are in-control of the world. And through out this there is the dark brooding music that the Shin megami series is known for.

However this song is much more of an upbeat techno-rock!

15. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Yes I knew well ahead of time that the flaming would commence upon choosing only one zelda. However in m defense most top # lists choose this same zelda as their best of all the series. However as famous as this series is, its this game that stands out and with the game comes the soundtrack.

14. Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Dragoon, the so called Final fantasy Killer...overlooked by some and loved by others it was Sony's litter extrusion from their other rpg series wild-arms. Yet it only lasted one game. Though there are doubtful rumors floating around everywhere about a sequel it most likely will not happen. It may have had one game but it was a glorious game remembered by its fans in a cult following rivaling that of Final Fantasy 7 (before it became main stream.)

13. Super Mario RPG
I don't want to give Square too much credit but I have to admit almost every game they are involved with has a very well orchestrated soundtrack. Despite the fact that EVERY song from Super Mario RPG is AMAZING, the song that song that stands out the most would have to the Forest Maze. I'm not sure if this is due to the game stealing hours of the gamer's life in this never ending maze that forces the player to listen to this song over and over....or maybe its just that good.

Forest Maze

However even though the song is great. This song below is possible the reason why most people continue to remember Super Mario RPG and the Forest maze song.

12. Guilty Gear series
This is the real man's street fighter filled withe blood, sex, demons and HEAVY METAL! You remember heavy metal the movie? This is the Japanese version. And to fit this dark kick ass world what kind of music does it use for background? METAL OF COURSE!

Main Theme
No Mercy

My favorite song
Awe of She

11. Wild Arms Series
When I think wild west I think....Clint Eastwood. And apparently so do the people at sony!

Wild arms OP (a Childhood favorite of mine)

Wild arms 2 opening (vocals)

And then there is the famous wild arms
Town Theme

10. Metal Gear Solid series
Espionage, Science fiction, deep mind blowing stories and action ....the MGS series has everything...and a rich sound track to boot.

Main Battle theme

MGS 2 Theme

And my favorite song the policenauts ending theme

What you say that its not a MGS song?

Its also appears in all the other MGS games.

9. .Hack series
The .hack// series has quite possibly one of the most impressive sound tracks to date, it never fails to meet the right feeling for the situation in the story whether sad, happy or chaotic. If encountered with a powerful boss or enemy, the song will often sound quite dark and give off the sense that you have quite a rough battle ahead. Not to mention all the songs give off the feeling of the classical MMO music style, quite catchy too.

OtakuZerosmia's favorite.

Hack//G.U. - Gentle Hands

My Favorite
Aura's Theme

8. Suikoden
In the many wars of the ancient mix of all of Asian and Europe into one world that is Gensou suikoden, suikoden 2 takes my choice for not only the BEST game in the series but the best soundtrack. However suikoden 3 is a very close runner up so why not accept them both!

Opening (Suikoden 2)

Suikoden 3 (opening) actually one of my favorite songs of all time.

7. Chrono Cross
Yet again another Yasunori Mitsuda title makes the list. I'm sure your seeing a trend in this. Yeah many people didn't accept Chrono Cross as a sequel. I on the other hand like this game even more than its prequel mainly for its originality and detailed world. But weither the game was accept or not everyone agrees with one fact. The soundtrack is almost perfect!

OtakuZerosmia's choice

Dragon God

My choice
Radical Dreamers

Main Theme

Time's Scar

6. Grandia 2
The Grandia series doesn't get enough light. Many people dont know about it...and it happens to be one of my favorite games series...Grandia 2 as a game and story I rate up with ff7. And the sound track well I rate it up there also.

A farewell and decision

A Deus

Despair and hope

5.Persona 3
Persona 3 is world of wonderment. I cannot explain it.....hut I can say that the sound track is one of my favorites of all time. Bith dark and brooding while filled with pop and hip hop tracks that keep you signing to the beat. It will always be on my top ten and in my MP3 player.

Burn my Dread

To be close

4. Chrono Trigger
Ah Chrono Trigger the classic game that makes almost every top 10 gaming list and every top 100 plus gaming list. But of this whole sound track there isn't a song that stuck with me more than Frog's theme. The emotion, the nostalgia...the remixes!

3. Final fantasy 7/8
What can I say when it comes to Final Fantasy games there are two that have touched me the most. Two whose characters meant the most to me. And two whose sound tracks think are the most perfect. Both Final Fantasy 7 and 8 tie in this area. Truly nearly perfect works of art.


Aerith's Theme

Cosmo Canyon

Balam Garden

Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec

2. Xenogears
To explain this game to you at all would take more time and space than I have available. Lets just say its the biggest religious allegory set in a futuristic world with mechs and amazing characters. However what really pulls you into its world is the sound track.........done by none other than Yasunori Mitsuda. Its amazing there probably isn't a track on here that doesn't stand alone as a work of art.

Shebat: The Wind is Calling (my favorite town theme)

Emotions (the main theme)

Daijiru: City of Burning Sands (OtakuZerosmia's favorite town theme)

The One Who Is Torn Apart ~ Id's Theme

1. Legend of Mana
Yes here comes the last on my list....the big shebang the finalally.....legend of mana. Now while there are plenty of things I can say about the story line there is only one things I can say about the soundtrack....there wasn't 1 song on here that I didn't find stuck in my head for months on end and I had no complaints. Every song packed into this game is a is the game itself ( bias opinion sorry)

Lets start off with the opening
Song of Mana ~ Opening Theme

Then the overworld map

And when the battles get heavy so does the music!

The Darkness Nova

And my favorite song of all time, one that I consider the most beautiful songs ever.

Legend of Mana ~ Title Theme

And that wraps up my top 25...its sad to end this because if I had all the time in the world I would make you all a top 100 because there are sooo many great games that I haven't included their amazing soundtracks on here...and its a shame. But this is my top 25....for this year anyways :) !

These runners up all were close but lacked something to keep theme from the top 25.
Below their titles I will describe what kept them from the list.

10. Parasite eve
Not enough tracks.

9. Persona 4
Very much and amazing sound track...just too much in the spirit of its predecessor.

8. Dragon Quest
I love this series..and the music is good......I own every game in it...set me straight if disagree because this is one instance where I'm probably wrong...but besides the main theme and the loading screen....I don't recall a freaking song from any of the 9 games that have come out including their spin offs.

7.Breath of Fire
Solid a series...but only the 3rd game had an amazing soundtrack...and it just didn't impress me enough.

6. Final Fantasy (whole series)
As you know anything by Nobuo Uematsu is amazing. But since I had more than a few of his works on the list I figured it was be to give FF a break. However if you can feel free to see this list's chosen final fantasy's as insert any final fantasy you would like.
5. Jedi Knight
Amazing sound all star wars games....used only the movies music...not very original
4. Castlevania series
Its a great series...with awesome music especially the 8bit era games....but here lately it just seems more ambiance than orchestral

3. Arc the Lad
DA DA DAAAA dada da dada da DA DA DAAAAA .......yes I love it....but like Dragon quest I can only recall the main theme song from ANY game in this series.

2. Lunar series
Of all of the works by Noriyuki Iwadare the Grandia series stands out a bit more than the lunar series....sorry lunar fans.

1. Star Craft/Resident evil(Biohazard)
Yes yes I know it almost should be on there...both of them should...but they are near the top of the runners up for a reason....they are very close...but not close enough.

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New blogger please look.

I will cover manga now and then. But however I probably wont cover shoujo manga or other manga from a female point of view. And with that I want to present a new blogger for you. Please look at her articles they are rather interesting and deep.