Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eye on Japan

Hey guys, Otaku Guru here with another Eye on Japan segment. There have been a few developments in the past few weeks in Japanese gaming news.


At a closed (media black out) showing in Tokyo Square-Enix hosted a showing of their new games coming out this year. Interestingly enough these were all games we were expecting save for one. That one would be Final Fantasy XIII-2. The English trailers can be seen here.

The game looks promising as its a continuation of the first game but in another world so they can take the story a bit further. Moreover it seems that there wont be any Final Fantasy X-2 gimmicks such as Charles Angel references or slap stick.

Because I'm a journalist who hates stealing the thunder from others I will tell you to go to this page to see a proper description of Dengeki's article on the game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 wasn't something that Square was hiding from the public, but it seems that certain trailers of the other two games were meant to be hidden.

Final Fantasy versus XIII had a long six minute trailer that was shown with gameplay and more story reveled. The trailer wasn't suppose to be leaked but of course it was leaked by a Japanese pressman under an anonymous youtube name where other (such as myself) downloaded it. Here is a website dedicated to the news of these four FF13 games and the trailer for Versus. Other trailers can also be found on the site.

The last game that was shown was what we previously called Final Fantasy XIII Agito. It has now been renamed to Reishiki or Type-O. It seems that the game is a new Final Fantasy for the PSP which is meant as a restart to the series. A trailer for that can also be found on the previous link.

In other news this year there will be released a love dating simulation game based around the characters of Suikoden (Chinese Novel). Anyone who has played the Gensou Suikoden games knows that means there should be 108 characters. Due to this the player will have 108 girls to chose from in his romantic endeavors. This seems rather promising to me. Of course it probably wont make its way out of Japan.

In other news there seems to be a lot of talk about a company called Imageepoch who claim that their mission is to revive the JRPG genre. In this they have created a new programming label called simple JRPG. They are planning on having 3 titles out this year.

They have PSN download games that should be an HD Tactics RPG. Called Chevalier Saga Tactics.

『シュヴァリエ・サーガ・タクティクス』 PV

Their next project is based off the popular work from an Japanese artist who goes by the name Huke. Its called Black Rock shooter and will be for the PSP.

PSP 『ブラック★ロックシューター THE GAME(仮)』 PV

The next game looks interesting to me. Though I think that it being on a portable system is a set back otherwise it looks to be a "Final Fantasy" Style game and story. Its called the Story of the Last Promise (self translation of that title might not be the English title.)


So I guess BIoware and their anti-JRPG antics can suck it!

Lastly there is a Ruroni Kenshin game coming out for the PSP. This is sad as in the US as well as Japan this is probably too little too late. Its a shame really because Ruroni Kenshin had at one time gone through much of the craze Naruto and Bleach did. If this had been released then I'm sure it would have sold well.

To end I have a treat for those of you who are Kojima and Konami fans. I did you know Kojima was in a Yanki gang when he was younger? Neither did I, but this picture sure is badass!

"Kojima moved to western Japan at the age of three. Kojima has said that early on in his life he often had to deal with death, as his father was an influential member of the Yakuza, and was plagued by enemy gang violence." From

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gunblade history

The Final Fantasy Wiki has a rightous page for the history of gunblades in Final Fantasy games. Though as scientifically impossible as they might be to some, the gunblade is one of my favorite fantasy weapons of all time.

It is because of this that I deem FF13 a tribute to us who love the gunblade.

Therefore I present you with this wonderful layout of gunblade art from FF13