Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vow to become the True GURU!

(Picture is an unrelated GameShark-like set filled with 2500 game saves from PSone games written in Cyrillic (most likely Russian but I can't tell).)

Sometimes as a gamer I get overwhelmed with too many games and not enough time to play them. It is possible that I may have gamer OCD which might attribute to the fact that I can’t STOP BUYING GAMES! Sometimes this is depressing, especially when I look back at the many games I have played half way through or to nearly the end but haven’t beaten. Many of the games I play are heavy story based games and are comparable to novels. It's like having thousands of whole novel series that you have started but not finished, but you keep buying more and more books until you're swamped and don't even have time to start your new ones, much less finish your old ones.

For a gamer like me who is the self (and follower) proclaimed Otaku Guru, with immense knowledge on Japanese gaming, anime and comics, it’s a crying shame to look at my game collection and see that I haven’t even beaten classics like Legend of Dragoon.

I know there are many of you out there who feel the same. So this message is to you too.

Lets stop just buying new games and start beating our old games. I often tell myself that I keep my gaming collection around for the memories of my childhood and for each game’s special worth to me. Sometimes it's just the nostalgic feeling that pulls me in.

Well when it boils down to it if I want to experience this nostalgia the best, I should quit pining over these games and break down and beat them. This applies to anime too as there are whole series that I have bought (and or *cough * downloaded *cough*) but have not finished, nor have I finished their predecessors.

That is my vow this year. As the Guru of Otaku, I vow not to reach Otaku Nirvana until I have cleared my karmic slate of old games and anime. Sort of like an Otak-sattva (a play on the word "Bodhisattva", I’m trying to smile while making a semi blasphemous statement.). I am going to follow the Otaku Dharma until I can claim to be your True GURU!

Otaku Guru: Zaciroth

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Game Covers Over Time: Dragon Quest V

Hey guys, Otaku Guru here, this is a new series of articles I call "Game Covers Over Time". In these articles I will show the covers and sometimes graphics of a video game over multiple remakes and reprints. Today's is probably one of the most popular Japanese games of all time (don't argue with me) and definitely one of the most popular Dragon quest games ever: Dragon Quest V.

Super Famicom:

PlayStation 2 Remake:

Japanese DS Remake:

Last but not least, the only release the U.S. or Europe ever got, which also was a DS remake.

I would do a review of this game, however I plan to do a whole video about the Dragon Quest series. It's hard though, where I love every Final Fantasy but a few stand out from the rest, Dragon Quest is a series in which I can't say that one game was that much better than the others because they're all so good.

I hope you all enjoy and have some great gaming!