Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eye On Japan Special RPG Talk: North Americans say SCREW YOU NINTENDO!

Many people have been supporting the efforts of Operation Rainfall (a group who has been actively pursuing answers and attempting to persuade Nintendo of America into action on Xenoblade, Pandora’s tower and Last Story localization.) there link can be found here .

However despite all our efforts Nintendo of America has chosen the casual Iphone app on your big screen loving gamers over the people who made Nintendo what it was today. Yeah sure Nintendo is doing great in Europe but you know what Nintendo? Europe used to not even have a market for games especially JRPGS, almost none were sent there. If it weren’t for North Americans also supporting these games Nintendo wouldn’t be as big as it is world wide it would have stayed in Japan and small areas of Asia. So Screw you Nintendo for Screwing us. I know this is probably a ploy to get Ninendo of Europe to do all your hard translation work so you can just port it to North America but outright denying us Xenoblade while releasing Last Story is SICK! I hope the developers Mistwalker never work with you again since your holding their amazing product back. If these games are never released here I might as well boycott Nintendo. Sure we get amazing RPGs on the DS but those are usually published by other companies and only have to get hardware rights from Nintendo. This message is Nintendo our right slapping us RPG gamers in the face. SCREW YOU NINTENDO! ------------------RANT OVER.


Whew, after taking a breather from that I’m back. That wasn’t the only news I had today but it was something I had to get off my chest. Anyways, in other news Final Fantasy XI is not only alive and kicking but is getting new content and new spells all the time. I’m starting to wonder why Square-Enix doesn’t just release an HD patch for this and market it seriously again. This spell looks pretty serious though. I might have to keep an eye out on this game again. Not that I would betray the perfect Final Fantasy XIV that is!

So for those of you interested in the new tales game on the horizon (Tales of Xillia), there has been some news lately about it. DLC has been announced for the game which will consist of swimwear costume packs of the characters. It was originally thought that these costumes would be unlockable in the game just like they have been in past games but it appears that NamcoBandai is a profit organization after all….man I miss the 90s. Furthermore, where this game was thought to be a PS3 exclusive an Xbox 360 version will now be released, and there is a chance that the 360 one will have the DLC included (Rumor). Lastly it has been noted that the main character of this game says things that are very embarrassing in Japanese. I’m not quite sure how this will translate into English but it should be interesting.

If you understand Japanese any check the dialogue out for yourself. If not then enjoy the good voice acting.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eye on Japan 7: End of Zone of the Enders? NEVER!

Hey guys. Taking a break from just talking about RPGs to give general Japanese gaming news.

Hideo Kojima uploaded a few pictures today. A few pictures that show that Z.O.E is still on his mind. One of these pictures is a large Anubis statue. We aren't sure about the price. But unveiling this might mean a bit more. Especially since he also had a note with something mentioning an HD version (maybe meaning the figure as a joke). No price tag or sale date for the figure has been announced but I'm sure it will be expensive.


In other news Namco Bandai released a new trailer for Soul Caliber V. I'm sure all the rest of you Soul Caliber fans will be doing the same as I and comparing this to the previous game. It looks good though. Every time a Soul Caliber is released I long for the Dreamcast .......SIGH!

The Action RPG for the hardcore only Darksouls comes out this next month, and if the newest trailer has anything to say about it, it will be an awesome game!

Lastly for all of you who want to get your action fix here is some gameplay videos from Capcoms new DMC (Devil May Cry reboot). Though I have my doubts about this game because of the whitewashing the series is undergoing. It could have some potential.

Thanks again guys. As always I'll keep posting news as I see it with my Eye on Japan.

-Otaku Guru Zaciroth

Eye on Japan 8: Lets change it up

Hey guys welcome to Eye on Japan for the lovely day of Wednesday 17th August 2011. Don't have alot of awesome news today but I do have three things.

First Capcom's designers are changing how Dante will look in the new Devil May Cry game. This is of course Japanese Designers input based on the reaction of fans to the young and extremely ugly twilight wanna be Dante that Ninja Theory had designed for the game originally. Capcom decided to make Dante look a bit cooler and in turn give hope to fans that long for this game to still be connected to the real Dante from the REAL Devil May Cry!!!!!!! somehow. (Sorry fan boy rant there).

Here are the picture comparisons.

The previous Dante

The new and improved Dante.

A bit of an improvement lets hope the rest of the game holds up.

In other news Final Fantasy XIV is said to be releasing a patch for the PS3 version (also on the PC at the same time) that will have a new race for players to roll. Don't have my fingers crossed but who knows.

Lastly while on Reddit I had asked people what they thought of Phantasy Star. I got a reply that was on of the most touching gamer stories I have heard in a long time.

Here is the post


My parents paid 100 dollars for Phantasy Star IV at a Toys 'R' Us when it first came out.

It was worth it. My best friend and I played it endlessly, obsessing over it enough that I mailed away for a strategy guide from Sega just to have a list of the complete magic combination you could do. Eventually we got around to trying out one of the others. I believe the subtitle was Generations of Doom and it had a Rappy on the cover.

Anyway, we missed that you had to grab some equipment from the cellar of one of the houses and spent maybe fifteen minutes dying in random battles before shunning it forever. But even 10+ years later that same friend and I would get Phantasy Star IV running on our laptops and sit around playing it. God damn I miss that guy. RIP ABH.

Our thoughts go out to you Zersch.

Monday, August 15, 2011

スクウェア・エニックス分解!? Square-Enix to split up?


スクウェアとエニックスに成れば九十次代のRPG天国にも戻れるか?九十次代のゲームは最高だった。 今でも最高だ。 スクウェア・エニックス過去に戻れ!俺たちは懐かしい感じさせるゲームをやりたい。

Eye on Japan Special: GURU'S: RPG TALK #3


Rumor has it Square-Enix are to split back into Square and Enix. Though I think competition is always for the best, lack of competition might be what is giving fans a hard time and lack luster products (In many public opinions that is), however this does bring up a question. What’s going on?!! I, being a fan of both companies before and after the merger, certainly miss the nineties when both company had a feel of their own and worked hard to out due one another. However, I thought the merger was more of a buy out that a partnership. Overwhelmed with the confusion of thinking about potentials and possibilities all I have to say is lets home this turns out better for fans in the end and the competition causes them to strive to improve themselves. I just hope that Enix can operate without the powerhouse of Square. Also, who gets the tri-ace contracts?


Japan’s Favorite Game Music

Here is an awesome list that originated from Yahoo Answers Japan about everyone’s favorite game music. There are quite a few RPGs on here as well as other great games.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

In other none JRPG news, I might actually enjoy Skyrim as it seems Bethseda is finally making their characters look decent enough for me to not have to turn my head while interacting with them. Behold! A comparison to Oblivion.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Eye on Japan Special: GURU'S: RPG TALK #2

Aerith (Aeris) Gainsborough fans and Cloud X Aerith fans can go jump off a bridge! Today it has been announced that the voice actress Sakamoto Maaya and voice actor Suzumura Kenichi have gotten married. In short this means Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough are now married! Fight over it all you want but it is a befitting ending for the two fallen characters. Us at DBVG wish them the best!


Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy Artist and Director) this week made a cover for Dengeki Magazine which was the first time he has done freelance promotional art using the characters outside of work since the year 2007. Its rather hi-quality artwork showing all the main characters from each of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy games. Its nice to see that his style can still give the feeling that FFVII, VIII, 10, ect do. (see pic below)


Recently I asked my fellow RPG gamers what they thought of one of my favorite games Nier. It seems over all everyone enjoyed the underdog title. Its a shame this enjoyment wasn't shared by the reviewers who hurt its sales so bad by giving it poor reviews. if you want to voice your own opinion about the game see link below.

Thats it for RPG talk today. See you on the flip side

Have a great gaming weekend.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thanks for all the good times Miyaji-san

Apparently today it has been reported that on Friday, July 29 Miyaji Takeshi who worked for Gamearts and was the creator and director of the Grandia series passed away. He was only 45 years old...He was well known for his works on Grandia I and II and Alisa Dragoon as well as helping out with the Lunar series. Those of us who have played and loved the first two Grandia games all feel a sense of grief. We hope his family does well in coping with their grief, as we as gamers will mourn too.
Miyaji-san you will be missed.
Here is a dirge for him.
Song: A Deus
Game: Grandia II
Artist: Noriyuki Iwadare

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tekken Blood Vengeance Review

Tekken Blood Vengeance Review

今鉄拳 ブラッド・ベンジェンスの開発際から帰ったところだ。 俺は意外に超満足出来た。 最初鉄拳のCGI映画が出る事を聞いたら、楽しみにする気が有ったけどちょっと不安な気持ちも有った。大体ゲームの映画は本当にゴミだ。特に実写でやった映画は駄目だけど実写に限らずアニメ版でも 悪い/良くない。  でもさあ、俺は鉄拳の大ファンので勇気持って俺と家族(妻と娘)は3D鉄拳映画に行った。 びっくりした!素晴らしかった。 俺はあまり3D映画が好きじゃないけど3Dでも鉄拳は良質な映画だぞ!鉄拳のゲームの気持ち伝えられた。この映画のおかげで俺の鉄拳ファン魂が燃えて、後で鉄拳のゲームやりたくなってきた。 しかし、弱点は風間 仁 は主人公じゃないから出番が少ない。。。。他の弱点は映画の目標は殆ど新たなゲームを宣伝する。 結局にこの映画は今年の出た映画なら俺の一番好きな映画だ!

I came back from seeing Tekken Blood Vengeance's debut movie. I surprisingly found myself very satisfied, When I first heard that Tekken was coming out as a CGI movie I felt that it could have potential to be awesome, but at the same time I also had an uneasy feeling. This is because most game based movies are utter crap. Especially movies shot in live action, but its not limited to just these even anime films based off of games usually are terrible. But because I am such a huge Tekken I mustered up the courage and took my family (my wife and daughter) with my to see the the 3d Tekken feature. I was extremely surprised. The film was amazing! I don't usually like 3D movies but the quality of detail in this film was very good. They did a good job convincing the feeling of the Tekken games. Thanks to this movie I found my fan boy soul burning with the desire to play the games. However, if there was a weak point to the movie it would have to be that the main character of the games, Kazama Jin, didn't appear all that much. If there was another complaint to be made it would be that the movie was mostly a large advertisement for the new Tekken tag 2 game. In the end the movie was a hit and probably my favorite movie so far this year.



今回でビルデビルマン に似ているじゃない?