Monday, February 27, 2012

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy  ブレブリーデフォルト

最近、スクエニによってもう直ぐブレブリーデフォルトのデモが出る。 ファミ通の記事がブレブリーはFFっぽい雰囲気があると書きました。 若しこのゲームは神ゲーになったら俺は3DSを買うべき人になる。。。糞!そんなにお金持ってない!

Recently Square Enix's stated that a demo for Bravely Default will become available. According to an article in Famitsu magazine the game has a very distinct FF feeling to it. If this games ends up being a really amazing game I'm going have to end up purchasing a 3DS. Dammit! I don't have that kind of money!

I think the girl in the advertisement looks really hot. Yet not slutty.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Current Thought On FFXIII-2 and Jak and Daxter HD Collection

      I would like to state that FFXIII-2 is a great game! Furthermore I would say it is an actually Final Fantasy (as in deserving of the name). Recently I encountered someone on a board, which I frequent, stating that FFXIII-2 is a better game than 7/8/9/ because it is newer. That all of us who love those older titles and think better of them, do so out of nostalgia only.  I too have gone back and played FFVII, and I will state that FFVII is the superior game. While I love the excitement of the new game feeling. Definitely when it turns out to be a solid RPG for me to explore and become involved with. I think FFVII is superior  due to the story not being philosophical touchy feely psycho babble with know real point. I like FFXIII and XIII-2 story. Just don't feel that they are as cut throat and down to earth as FFVII. Nothing FF has done since VII has given me that feeling that I got during the first part of the first disc of VII. Being in a giant city of midgar with the expansiveness of it all and the conspiracies. Maybe it was a 90s thing. It just feels so right. Plus the music. Better "battle/gameplay" doesn't make an RPG 100% complete. FFXIII-2 is a step back into the right direction for Square. But I'm hoping Versus brings us home.

    That being said I am thoroughly enjoying FFXIII-2. However, I do find myself being lost from time to time. I am using the guide to go through and 100% everything. With so many paths to choose in so many different orders I can't help but feel over whelmed. Though this frustrates me to no end, I feel that this is a good thing. The world of FFXIII-2 has enough substance and exploration to warrant a feeling of being overwhelmed. When compared to the past installment of the FF series with is a good thing. I'll give me full review later on when I have completed the game. When I don't have many other games vying for my attention.

     On of those games that I find myself preoccupied with is Jak and Daxter HD Collection.  Holy crap! If this isn't the definition of awesome I don't know what is! I guess I have a problem. While I can't stand Hollywood putting remakes and 3-D updates of movies out, I love the game industry for bringing things like Jak and Daxter, Metal Gear and Devil May Cry back to the plate. Not only were these games instant classics when they were released they truly stand the test of time. Just a bit of a tweak here and there and you have something that looks and feels modern yet has that classic attention to detail. Maybe if these remakes sell good enough it will inspire these companies to focus on the series again. Either way Jak and Daxter is a good place to start.