Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rant: Articles of 2010

Seriously Articles from all journal magazines and websites relating to gaming in 2010 were truly the biggest disappointment. A few games don't do what people expect and it becomes the lets bash all JRPGs even the ones we previously have given good reviews to and thought were awesome. So what that you thought FFXIII was terrible, it sold decent enough and there are still plenty of us playing it who enjoy it for what it is. Get over yourself. Its as if everytime some other magazine or website posts something about it the others have to repost something else until its just a vicious cycle. I don't care if you hate it find something new to comment on! Quit trashing and find something good in the Industry to acknowledge such as retrogaming or modding or something!!!!!! Oh and stop all the damn comments about Scott Pilgrim, yeah a lot of people like it, and a lot of people obviously like Star Trek but that doesn't mean everyone is a Trekky. The manga wanna be art-style and gaming references to make gamers buy it no matter how terrible they were doesn't appeal to everyone, nor does that really terrible B rate (or maybe even Z rate movie) Get over it and quit writing on it!

Really what is with all these articles lately? Seriously is this just jump on the ban wagon and continue beating the horse until maggots fly? Sorry that I thought ffXIII was a solid game. And more over I guess sorry that I didn't go and see Scott Pilgrim and instead rented it and still thought it was complete crap! Maybe this is my Bah Humbug for this year but I have a new years resolution! This next year people like myself and wonderful sites like this one will bring you articles that aren't full of the same old down in the dumps dead horse beating BIAS bull!!!!

Yeah were looking at you Gameinformer, Kotaku, Gametrailers, Destructoid ect!

Yeah for 2010 you and others get the rating of

Start making it better!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas gaming goodness

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Newyears to all! I hope everyone had as good of a Holiday season as I have (minus throwing up from bad pizza on Christmas morning). I'm sure many of you got gifts for the Holidays like I did and lets hope that all of them were something special. But enough talking about you guys now lets talk about me and what I got.

First I got a DS XL mario bundle with Mario Kart DS. All I have to say is once you go big you'll never go back. Surpisingly the Mariokart DS is a rather solid game with plenty of retro tracks for us Snes and N64 players. The DS XL has cool art work of Mario's power ups on the front of the case.

Add Image
Second I received two games (more as graduations presents.) These games were Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals and Magna Carta 2. The Lufia game is a remake of the Snes/Super Famicom RPG Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. These games are known as Estpolis Denki エストポリス伝記 in Japan. This remake is much different from the original as it is now a puzzle based action RPG much like Zelda or Ys instead of a traditional RPG with turn based battles and limited animations like the original. I'm only a few hours in at this point but so far the graphics are amazing, even if the English voice dub leaves a bit to be desired.

Magna Carta 2
is a sequel to the Playstation 2 game Magna Carta Tears of Blood. Anyone who has mentioned the game in my presence before knows that I have a really blood curdling hatred for that game due to its amazing graphics, good story and the worst gameplay of any RPG. However I will save that for another day. Magna Carta 2 , so far, has great graphics, a pretty decent story save for some cliche's and an addictive battle system that is a mixture of Final Fantasy XII and Infinite Undiscovery. So far I rather enjoy the game though the fact that all quests are done in an MMO fashion puzzles me, but it is a Korean developed game.

Lastly I received Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light
for the Nintendo DS. So far ,though only a few hours in, I love this game. It has the classic story and atmosphere of all those games from 1-5 but with enjoyment of a Jobclass system that feels like a mix between Final Fantasy III and X-2. Moreover the battles are rather well done. They may be a bit too old school for some people's tastes as heroes can only hold fifteen items and have six abilities at once including spells. This aside the personalization of characters and their progress through their levels has never been this under the players sole control as much as it is in this game. However, ignoring all of that, the graphics are the best part of the whole package. The simplistic cell-shaded art-style of these world is simplistic but some how more detailed than the top graphics accelerated PC and PS3 titles. Small things like the wind blowing through the grass or roses growing throughout an evil witch's castle makes this game's world extremely charming. I know this ended up being a small review but I can't help but to give this game my highest recommendation. Every RPG and Retro gaming fan should check it out for a fresh start to the Final Fantasy series.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays メリークリスマス

Its Christmas eve and I have no money no job and am in debt. :)
But I have plenty of Otaku stuff coming my way and a wonderful family to enjoy the holidays with so it will be a Happy Holiday indeed.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nier ニーア ゲシュタルト

俺は英語版のニーア ゲシュタルトを完全したばかりだ。 本当に素晴らしいゲームだけどゲームの物語は超悲しいのだ。 俺は沢山のゲームを持ったり、完全したりしたのに殆どのゲーム比べるとニーイアの話の方が深くて俺は感動した。 
ニーアは株式会社スクエア・エニックスが制作したゲームだ。 僕の意見では他のrpgよりニーアは特別なんだ。 ニーアの物語はそれ程に深いので三回クリアした今でも全ての話がまだ魅力的なままなんだ。 その上、ニーアのゲームプレイの中で色々な他のゲーム要素が入っている。ゲームプレイは殆どゼルダの伝説のようだけど謎とかクエストにはMMOとディアブロを現せている。 

すべてのキャラクタは最高だ。 プレイヤーの連中の中で四人が入っている。


他の一人は半分悪魔とふたなりカイネ。カイネの話は本当に悲惨だらけだ。でもカイネは悪口で喋ってなの敵でも倒してみるという強い女だ。 そうだっても最後には優しい性格も現せる。  

次のキャラクタは白の書. 白の書は不思議な魔法のやり方を説明本。 この本は自分の意識が持って、英語晩で優秀な英国の声で話せる。 よくこの本の高い自身から離すので他の勇者達と喧嘩して巫山戯る見たい会話が多くて面白いだ、

最後の連中の勇者はエミールだ。 エミールの事につぃてはっきり説明できない。 ちょっど説明したらゲームの構想もバラスから面白くない。 一つの事を言えるよ。 エミールの肉体と力が変身してしまうのが超面白い。

PS3とXBOX360の主人公の姿は全然違う。 PS3の方はMSGの雷電みたい。その方がかっこいいじゃない? 俺敵に言えばPS3が一番。あの美少年の目的も違います。PS3の場合は妹を救う為戦うんのだ。面白い。超買いたい。

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ToX Tales of Xillia



I'm so freaking excited!