Saturday, March 31, 2012

Google Maps 8-bit for NES (Dragon Quest Style)

Square Enix collaborated with Google to create an Awesome Dragon quest inspired version of Google maps. check it out!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Silent Hill Downpour

The problem with this game = Lame Western Developer no one knows, who haven't done anything good and are cheaper than Konami doing themselves.
I hope Konami losses money on this. I wish both them and Capcom would pull their heads out of their asses and realize that its okay to spend a buck or two and wait a few years to release something of quality in house, than sell out for cheap having a westerner companies makes something because they figure that is what westerners want. That even shows in the style of horror. Most western made horror movies cease to scare me anymore because they all rely on the same uncreative zombies and cheap camera effects. I hope the low sales of this game teach them a lesson.

Friday, March 16, 2012


While being able to see wounds and scratches is awesome, the breast size this time around is a bit disappointing.

I'm a bit of a pervert. 

Western & Japanese RPGs
Please watch the series in the Link above before reading my thoughts below. 

Wow this series started off with a bang, I thought they were going to play it equal and show some real truth. But slowly it started to add in concepts that I don't follow. Starting with Abnegation. I don't know the last time I played an RPG, Western or Japanese, when I wanted to turn my brain off. Sure, I play these games to release stress, but if I'm so stressed after work that I need to turn my brain off. The last thing I want to do is play a game and screw up on a boss / dungeon ect because my brain is off.  Second there is the "Menus based combat" argument. Sure in the 80s and early 90s it might not have been as engaging as action or shooting games, but it gave a lot more options to your combat than those games had. Also now it boils down to more strategy. I don't want to say that JRPG gamers (or RPG gamers in general) are more intelligent than other gamers.  But it does take quit a bit more thought and time to decide what you want to do within a menus as you plan your moves/equip items/ ect than it does to mash buttons (no offense to the tales games). Though I agree that many JRPGs have fallen short because they are aiming (IMO) Moe crap or overly cinematic stories with no actual substance or deep and provocative story telling. But when they claim that "DQIX" and Dark Souls are games that should be "given money" for I cringe. Those games are more Western based in much of their execution than other games. Their stories are almost non-existent, which is the opposite of why I play many JRPGs, and the opposite of why this show says JRPG were superiors. Aren't there plenty of games (many of them overlooked) that have great stories that weren't mentioned and aren't "WRPG" styled/inspired?  Games that come to mind are Radiant Historia, Nier, Shin Megami strange Journey, Resonance of Fate, ect. These are "newer" JRPGs that have a solid and deep story, why not give them some money?  Long story short, this started off awesome but ended up missing the mark completely. At least in my opinion.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dragon Age Anime?

It seems that EA and Bioware has a Dragon Age anime in the works. Though it is obviously not a traditional anime but a CGI one using the animation style and art influence of the recent Appleseed movies. Doesn't look too bad. Some of the animation and art looks different. The design doesn't really feel "Dragon Age" to me. But it looks to be a decent movie for a pretty decent game series.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eye on Japan 28: Even if you tell me to work I'll still play games!

       As of late is appears that there is quite a few new JRPGs coming out from Japan. Could this possibly be the start of a revival? One can only hope.  Here are a few of the games coming out that have caught my eye. 

 俺に働けって言われても (Even if You Tell Me To Work)

Famitsu recently has reported on a new game that is to star a Hikkkomori (Shut in) Seinen (College age male) and is being developed by E-Smile for the PSP and Playstation network. 



The game seems like Etrian Odyssey for the PSP in a modern setting but I could be wrong.

After that we have Imeepoch's Sol Trigger.

Sol Trigger

This game looks amazing to me. The setting, the story, all of it. I can't really explain it but to say they are claiming it is the last rpg for the PSP.  If so, the PSP is going out with a Bang!