Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Assassin's Creed Costume DLC

Apperenlty Square hasn't sold their soul enough by claiming that were "focusing" on western gamers tastes with Final Fantasy XII and its linearity they have to go as far as to add DLC that is completely tailored to a western game. A costume will be purchase/downloadable for Noel the hero of Final Fantasy XIII-2. This costume will be the same as the Assassin's Creed character Ezio. I suppose some people may love this. I feel that it is a bit of a sell out. At least it is optional. You have to wonder though, will Ubisoft return the same love?

Phone Dating

According to Dating Sims are coming to the Android Phone OS. Of course this will probably be Japan only. But it is still people can get arouse anywhere they are at.
They list popular titles like Kanon, CLANNAD, and AIR.


Eye on Japan 24: Final Fantasy XIII-2 game play

Here is a very shaky CAM taken video with around twelve minutes of gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XIII-2. I'm my opinion, it doesn't look half bad.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International


Yesterday I bought Tri-ace's Star Ocean 4 (Star Ocean: The last Hope Insternational) and wasted some time playing it. Is it suppose to be this difficult from the start!? Did they make it this hard on purpose? This is a serious complaint! I barely step off the first battleship and the game becomes so hard it's almost impossible to continue. I finally beat the first cave though, it was freaking hard! The grahpics, however, are amazing so....I think I can bare through it.

Wikipedia's Creator is pissed that Japan doesn't give enough

Apparently Japan is listed as the lowest in giving ratio when compared to other countries. At least according to Wikipedia. Wait....I though giving to Wikipedia was a personal decision not a national one. I'm starting to rethink my button in the corner up there.


Your Guru

Hello Readers and Disciples. I am the Otaku Guru. I meditate and practice on the Dharma (Dao) of everything Otaku. I do this so that my Otaku Karma may flow to all other nerds/geeks and Enlighten them. I use the term Otaku in the loose sense as my articles usually pertain to Geek culture in general. Moreover, as I am currently trying to improve my Japanese language skills I might type Bilingual posts from time to time. My goal for this page is to create a place where people can come and enjoy reading about Japanese gaming/anime culture as well as current events. I hope you all enjoy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Eye on Japan: Dragon Quest Collection Wii

Here is an awesome trailer for the new Dragon Quest 25 Anniversary Collection game. Comes with the first three games in both their Famicom and Super Famicom versions plus an Anime opening and Omake. Seems pretty interesting. I want to give it a try! これはドラゴンクエストの二十五年の記念のためのシーリスの特集ゲーム。このゲームはファミコン版の最初の三のドラゴンクエストとスーパーファミコン版の両方が入っています。それより、新アニメの場面も追加さらた!本当に面白いと思う。僕はやりたい!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Was everything from 1997-2000 cooler?

Don't get me wrong. I'm a 80s kid. I have played all the games since way back when and watched anime from the 70s and beyond. But seriously it just feels to me that 1997 was a sweet spot in gaming, anime, manga ect.
Game examples: FFVII, FFVIII,FFIX FFX,
Suikoden II
Chrono Cross
Legend of Mana
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Arc the Lad II and III
Dew Prism (Threads of fate)
Dragon Quest VII
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Gundam Wing
Thats just to name of a few of my favorite ones.
Its sad. It seems like during that small window of three to four years we were at an all time high. A peak of creative juices from Japan. Now it feels that Japan might be experiencing the same thing the US is. Where in the U.S everyone keeps remaking 80s and 90s movies because no one either has the budget, wants to take the risk, or has the creative mindset to make something new, original and breath taking. I really wish we could change that. I'm into retro gaming. But retro-ing everything isn't what I'm all about. I love the old stuff. the only reason I revel in the old is because only a bit of the new has touched me. Sadly, the bit of the new that hits that sweet spot is trying hard to emulate the old...but not always in an original way. That is why I like to give new things a fair try. Sure Catherine wasn't a typical Shinmegaten game but it was amazing for what it was. Final Fantasy XIII gets a lot of crap from FF fans, but despite the lack of towns and the linearity of it all it was still original and thinking forward, and I like that.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Eye on Japan 23: Devil May Cry HD Collection

It seems that Capcom realize that they could possibly have severely hurt a fan base for one of their best selling products by allowing Ninja-Theory to Euro-trash Devil May Cry. I suppose they also realized they could cash in on by making HD versions of their older games. My ranting aside this looks to be the best way to play the three wonderful games from last gen (yes I'm including DMC2 in that statement, bite me!).

Either way here is a new trailer in case your are as Gungho as I am for this.