Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lunar silver star story REMAKE! ルナ~サ・シルバースターのリメーク

It appears that Game arts (The company behind The Lunar, Grandia Silpheed series) have decided to completely remake the first lunar game on the PSPS. Along with better graphics and anime cut-scenes they discussed a few changes in the system along with adding a bit more history to the world as a bonus. Lets just hope its better than the last Lunar game...dragon's song.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gaijin Works

HOLY CRAP what do you know Vic Ireland is still alive doing something........

Yes the guy who is responsible for that wonderful yet a atrocious company that in the 90s and early thousands brought us amazing games from Japan...that were localized completely whether we liked it or not. Yeah I'm talking about Working designs and Victor Ireland...who, after the company went under, somehow as gotten his hands on a giant surplus of games created under his companies label (now worth more than a mint) and has been making a killing on EBay. Yes you should check out ebay for Lunar 2 and Arc the lad collection and see who is really selling it. However he has started his own company again calling it Gaijin works. (...yes the name is eating me alive). Anyhow he plans on doing the same thing his last company did but with a fresh approach and for next gen consoles.
Anyone who is interested can go to his website and send him hate mail..because that about all the site allows you to do.

But remember dont hate him too much he did bring all of us in America these.


I have alot of stress on me. Alot of classes and alot of homework including a Job. So today I thought it might be worth while to skip it all and do nothing! Instead I cleaned the house and watched SLIDERS! A shout out to all of you who remember this amazing show!

僕はいっぱいストレスがあるので、今日学校に対して休みを取った。 代わりに家を掃除して、古くても面白いスライダスというテレビ番組を見た。

However in Otaku news. Nippon ichi the company who created wonderful games such as Disgaea 1-3 and many spiritual spin offs La pucelle Tactics ect. Are creating their first, NEXT-GEN rpg with 3d graphics. Its called Last Rebellion. Looks promising but I dont have my fingers crossed. It seems that to boost sales the company plans to do more than just experiment in the 3d genre.

次はオタクのニューズには日本一というゲームの会社は今初めての3Dゲームを作中だ。このゲームのタイトLAST・REBELLION。 日本一社によると3Dならこのゲームは実験では有りません。 3Dのゲームはもっと売りやすいので日本一もこのタイプに入らなければなりません。

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheap Used.....picked up

Here lately I have been picking up games for cheap off amazon and the local specialty used games stores. These all have been psone games that I missed out on previously but heard alot about. You all my want to crucify me when you see this list. But grant it not all of these games are well known. At least not by people other than my gaming colleges.
The first game is Saiyuki by Koei. In the basic story of the legend you play as Sanzou houshi the high ranking Buddhist priest who meets monsters or rather demons on his way to defeat the evil Ox king of the west. Of course the most famous character, Songokuu plays a giant role. This game is basically the old Chinese legend meets Final fantasy tactics.
However speaking about Final fantasy tactics I just purchased this game. I have know about it for a looooooong time and I know that many of you are already prepping your pitch forks and spits for roasting me. And I admit I haven't played this game before...but I know the story. Taking place in FFT's world of Ivalice its officially part of the Ivalice alliance games that SE has been working on which includes FFXII. Thought I have yet to have time to play it. It should be worth playing alone to experience the rich world of Ivalice in more depth.

And last but not least I have picked up and played a few hours on Tobal 1. . Now I know that Tobal 2. is considered to be pretty amazing. But that game is much more rare and is on my list for later on. This game however was a must have just from the cover alone as a collector. I have a sickness...or rather one of many. Anything that has art by Akira Toriyama that is fantasy related and isn't Dragonball Z or GT I instantly get the urge to purchase. And this my friends was worth it. Though it shows its age that is what I love about it. It has a crappy but just as enjoyable dungeon crawler game much like that of Ehrgize. The gameplay is much like Tekken and is pretty deep.

I haven't spent much time on these games yet but that time of which I have was more than enjoyable.

First Gamer blog

My life has been insane.....lets see my I run over a large sharp screw and my car has to have all its tires replaced because they were going bad anyways. My wife is sick and throwing up...then my daughter gets it...then my daughter has a bad rash infect goes to the hospital and then my wife gets sick again throwing up. I had four mid terms last week and started a new job where I translate Japanese for a department of my college. Oh and though I shouldn't be drinking energy drinks I found out that red bull is the only one that doens't give me heart palpitations....meaning I'm low tolerant towards caffine. But at least the red bull works. Also One of my tests was in Ancient Japanese............not an easy language or test.



Games: Lets see I bought rumble roses for the 360 for 7 bucks the other day.....and it was very much worth it....the graphics are nice and the gameplay is alright...the grappling system is amazing like the previous game....but the character customize option....................! I'm back! Also picked up the poorly rated Might and magic game which I actually enjoy! Its very linear but besides that it isn't too bad. Graphics are better than oblivion...well where characters are involved. Also I just saw the Japanese trailer for Ar tonelico 3 .................means I have to beat the other 2 because this looks ff13 epic to me...............maybe thats just me.


Me and by brothers play our own version of final fantasy tacitcs like the parent's basement dwellers we are with figurines....because we swing that way....anyhow we decide we wanted a few new we bought a DnD random pack, enticed by the awesome frost titan on the back....or the possibility of the giant Djinn with the flame sword.........and we got a crappy plastic tornado least the other figures were cool.

I guess I will take time later to make this blog in Japanese also.