Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My PC gaming years.

Since its PC gaming week I thought I would make my own version of this article at Kotaku.

What was your first PC game?
Unfortunately it was one of those Reader Rabbit games when I was a kid. But after that the one I got into the most was probably Z (ZoD) the RTS produced by Virgin entertainment that was populated by foul mouthed robots. Other than that it was probably some version of Darkforces, Doom or Hexxen.

Did consoles ever get in the way of your PC gaming?
Yeah, I was converted completely. I actually was a strong console gamer before I was a PC gamer and now its sort of a mix. I didn't get into PC gaming till I was about twelve and it never too presidency with in my gaming life. For me now PC gaming is a way to test my hardware so I usually play free mmo's and crank up the power just to see how far I can tweak them. Other than that my PC is used for Retro console games and Emulating Japanese consoles I dont have. In other words my PC is a console too.

Best PC gaming memory?
Final Fantasy VII. I loved and still love the fact that we (those with the PC version) had the better translation and all around graphics (plus sound).

Worst PC gaming memory?
Final Fantasy XIV. Direct X crashes and boorish gameplay. But the beauty and easy job class systems keep bringing me back. Unfortunately.
But thank god for the free months they have given.

What PC game should they bring back?
All adventure gaming. There should be some sort of new way to implement this with some action for sells but keep the story, puzzles and ambiance for us purists who want to go back. Its sad when only Sam and max and Monkey Island are the only ones selling. In an article of Retrogaming lately they had an interview with Hideo Kojima. Kojima stated that he would like to go by to the Adventure gaming genre again and there were hints towards Snatcher, which without a doubt is what all fans are dieing for.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lesbian sex= rare game  レズ場面=珍しくて価値があるゲーム

So I finally found Fear Effect 2 at my local used bookstore for ........wait for it......12 bucks!
I haven't played the game yet....I have only played a bit of the first one but I have heard about the second as it was extreemly popular for having an awesome Neo-hongkong and for its lesbian style interactions between the two main characters. Though I look forward to playing it all the way through, mostly due to the fact the main character reminds me of that girl off of Oni (yeah you remember that game like it or not.....I wont let you forget it!) and it plays alot like parasite eve or Biohazard (RE). Which is a good thing. If I get around to playing it I might post a review.

Also its worth over 100 dollars on Amazon.

やっとフェアエッフェクト2(片仮名に間違えばごめん)古本屋で見つけた!本当に安いよ!12ドルで買った!まだやっていないけど、前作(一)だけはいっぱいやった、それから雑誌の記事で2は超人気だと聞いた。 人気の原因は二つ、一つは舞台は凄く綺麗な未来的な香港市であること。二つは二人のキャラクタ愛の関係でレズ的なエッチシーンが多いことです。 このゲームの主人公は鬼という日本のアニメに似ているアメリカ製のゲームの主人公見たい。ゲームのやり方はパラサイトイヴに似ていてやけに楽しみしていた。 いいと思う。 多分、完成〔クリア)したら批評の記事もかくと思う。 


No matter your sexual preferances, this scene rocks!