Friday, November 5, 2010

ファイナルファンタジー14 FF14

The Square of my Childhood...where has it gone?

I have been playing FF14 since its release. I spent the money on the special edition. I'm a die hard FF fanboy. So of course at first I was enraged about the awful reviews it was receiving. But now I agree with others. Seriously if they would have changed the story and world but otherwise just made a hi-res HD version of FFXI then almost all the fans would have been happy. Instead I bought the special edition and haven't freaking touched it in two weeks. Grant it I'm very busy with school and work, but I have had time for retrogaming , Ar Tonelico, Fable II and some Shin megami. Tonight being Friday I should have some time to play it......but unless these updates they keep on promising till Christmas actually change something I'm really starting to think my favorite company of all time as screwed me over. THANKS SQUARE, I guess I'll just keep holding on to your Super Famicom and PlayStation one days.


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