Thursday, November 4, 2010


Crap VS Classic

This is such a shame. Cartoonetwork is going to be running a new show based of a comic book called Firebreather. The main character of this show seems to be half dragon and have the ability to breath fire and perform many different feats all while maintaining the transformative ability to be come a were dragon. Can the USA not come up with its own original ideas? This is BREATH OF FIRE! A Japanese video games series from CAPCOM and one of my favorites. In breath of fire the main hero (Ryuu) is always a were-dragon or half dragon with the ability to breath fire and cast magic. He always has a half dragon form where his eyes turn slitted and glow yellow and a full dragon form. Ripping off the name is bad enough but taking it this far? The sad thing is in light of Inafune's recent resignation from Capcom rumor has it that Breath of Fire will get another game to its name or at least its in the conceptual stages.

Ugh.....this is terrible.



PS This CGI is terrible.

Its okay to disagree with me this is just my rant. But it still peeves me off.

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