Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Its Dangerous To Go Alone....

I have been playing some Dragon Age Origins lately and thoroughly enjoying myself. That was until yesterday when I got lost, then I made a few arbitrary decisions that equaled to absolutely no changed. Then I wondered around a bit. However, I still had fun, I actually found myself starting to wonder if I might like WRPGs again, just a bit more....Then I saw my brother play the new Elderscrolls game Skyrim...and it.nailed exactly why I can't play most western RPGs aside from a few Bioware games. No direction. Sure it's a sandbox, filled with turds, used needles and condoms...but did we mention you can do almost anything and go almost anywhere? Cool huh?  ( I look to the old man and he says "Its Dangerous to go alone take this" handing me an anti-WRPG vaccine.)
PS I still love Dragon Age so far.

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