Monday, January 16, 2012

New Years Gaming and Holiday Thanks

Hey guys. It is the New Year. 2012. The year we are all suppose to die. I welcome it. Because in the end I will be playing Games, reading Manga, and watching Anime till we all pass. Though I doubt that will happen unless it is a self fulfilling prophecy.  I got a crap ton of games this Holiday Season. My thanks goes to all my family and friends who provided me with an awesome gaming winter. Here is a list of the amazing things I got. With a lull of JRPGs and fighters out there I scored mostly action games and Western games.
1. Batman Arkham City
Amazing game which I beat within three days.
2. Deus Ex
This game has single handedly brought back that city crawling Blade Runner feeling I got from games like FFVII. Thank you Square-enix and Edios. Also thanks to my wife who got me this game.
3. Metal Gear Solid Risk Board game.
I have yet to play this. It is huge with nice detailed figurines of the Geckos and Outerhaven.  Once I have the time and the people to play this with I'll probably do a review.
4. Infamous 2
I got the first game as a free download from Sony for the "We are sorry we were hacked thanks for sticking with us" promotion that came with the start of PlayStation Plus. Needless to say I was hooked. This game was one I had my doubts about but after I found out that it wasn't just a mindless city crawler with super hero powers and found out that it had a mature storyline with great gameplay and action, I couldn't put it down. I beat it a few days before I got the second one. So far there are a few big differences, but they feel like changes for the better. I love it.
5. No more Heroes: Heroes Paradise
Hate me as much as you want, I haven't played the original, nor have I had time to start this PS3 remake. I'm dying to, but I must game with the thought of finishing titles.
6. Zelda Skyward Sword
Wow this game looks amazing........yet again if only I had the time to fit it in.
To round out the rest of the list there was Enslaved (that Ninja Theory retelling of Saiyuki), Mass effect2, Rage, and a few others. As you can tell I am full of new games lately. All of which have to unfortunate go on the back-burner. .
All in all I want to give a shout out to my Family for giving me so many awesome titles to play through.

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