Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Back!

Greetings everyone! I'm back. I have been on hiatus for a while as I ran a few other projects. All of which crashed and burned. We will never speak of them again. However, I am back. Bringing my strange sense of humor and terrible Japanese to make at least weekly posts. I am still wanting to run a gaming news / article site but I have yet to obtain the help from writers. Until then I'm going to try to be creative in any way I possibly can. Create an Indie JRPG (maybe get it going on kickstarter), draw, and translated somethings. For better or for worse I'm back guys! I was getting kind of depressed as my current job isn't so great and my projects sort of crumbled beneath me. However, the best way to get out of depression is to get back into the game. So that is what I'm doing. 

(Above is a picture of Toto the main character from the Legend of Mana manga. Only because his standing there in confidence gives me rise in my spirit.)

---Otaku Guru

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